Month: February 2018

Movie Night! March 8

We will have another Movie Night! on March 8 at The Ethical Society.  The video will be “The Education of Mohammed Hussein”, an HBO production.  Let us know that you will be coming through our MeetUp page, but you can

We are watching these bills in the Missouri Legislature

Clicking on the bill number will display the text HB 1314 – Narrows the grounds for discrimination claims, making it harder to prove. Read second time (1/4) HB 1434 – Changes all marriages to “contracts of domestic union”.  This bill

AU Letter from Nikolas Nartowicz on Senate Bill 612

January 29, 2018 Re: Oppose SB 612 – Tuition Tax Credits (Vouchers) Are Bad Education Policy Dear Senator: On behalf of the Missouri chapters, members, and supporters of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, I write to express