Month: February 2018

Movie Night! March 8

We viewed together the HBO video, “The Education of Mohammed Hussein” on March 8 at The Ethical Society. About 30 members and friends attended.  After the video, our Board member Bahar Bastani, described his experiences as a Muslim and parent in

We are watching these bills in the Missouri Legislature

Clicking on the bill number will display the text HB 1314 – Narrows the grounds for discrimination claims, making it harder to prove. Read second time (1/4) HB 1434 – Changes all marriages to “contracts of domestic union”.  This bill

AU Letter from Nikolas Nartowicz on Senate Bill 612

January 29, 2018 Re: Oppose SB 612 – Tuition Tax Credits (Vouchers) Are Bad Education Policy Dear Senator: On behalf of the Missouri chapters, members, and supporters of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, I write to express