We are watching these bills in the Missouri Legislature

Clicking on the bill number will display the text

HB 1314 – Narrows the grounds for discrimination claims, making it harder to prove. Read second time (1/4)

HB 1434 – Changes all marriages to “contracts of domestic union”.  This bill is over 350 pages long! Read second time (1/4)

HB 1763 – Allows judges to refuse to solemnize marriages on religious or sincerely held moral convictions. Read second time (1/4)

HB 2073 – Allows public schools to display “traditional holiday” symbols, including religious ones like creches and menorahs. Referred to General Laws Committee(1/24)

HB 2074 – Allows religious student groups in higher education to discriminate in membership and leadership. Referred to General Laws (1/17).

HJR 55 – Proposes to change the Missouri Constitution to eliminate the prohibition of use of public funds for to support religious organizations. Read second time (1/4)

SB 612 – Creates tuition voucher system for private schools (including religious ones). This bill seems to be moving toward final passage with alacrity! It is on the informal calendar for “Perfection” on March 12. Contact your Senator as soon as you can.  This is very important. AU National has written about this bill. See the post below.

There may be others.  (Bills are often written to obscure their intent).