We are watching these bills in the Missouri Legislature

Clicking on the bill number will display the text

HB 1314 – Narrows the grounds for discrimination claims, making it harder to prove. Read second time (1/4)

HB 1434 – Changes all marriages to “contracts of domestic union”.  This bill is over 350 pages long! Read second time (1/4)

HB 1763 – Allows judges to refuse to solemnize marriages on religious or sincerely held moral convictions. Read second time (1/4)

HB 2073 – Allows public schools to display “traditional holiday” symbols, including religious ones like creches and menorahs. Referred to General Laws Committee(1/24)

HB 2074 – Allows religious student groups in higher education to discriminate in membership and leadership. Referred to General Laws (1/17).

HJR 55 – Proposes to change the Missouri Constitution to eliminate the prohibition of use of public funds for to support religious organizations. Read second time (1/4)

SB 612 – Creates tuition voucher system for private schools (including religious ones). Reported “do pass” by Government Reform Committee. National AU has written a letter about this bill. See the post below.

There may be others.  (Bills are often written to obscure their intent).